Cisco-Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Gaming Adapter

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  • Brand: Cisco
  • Category: Wired Routers
The LINKSYS WGA54G Wireless-G Game Adapter gives any wired Ethernet-equipped game console 802.11g wireless connection capabilities. If you have an existing home wireless network and a cable or DSL Internet connection, the Game Adapter connects your PlayStation2, Xbox or GameCube to the network. That way, you can get into online games without running wires to the game room. Or, use a pair of Game Adapters to form a "cable-less cable" between two game consoles, for head-to-head gaming -- in the same room, or all the way across the house.


  • Lag-free head-to-head or Internet gaming at up to 54 Mbps, without stringing wires
  • Converts wired-Ethernet-ready game consoles to Wireless-G (draft 802.11g) network connectivity
  • Works without drivers on PlayStation2, Xbox, and GameCube
  • Also connects to Wireless-B (802.11b) networks at 11 Mbps
  • One year limited warranty
Model :
Brand :
Supported Wireless Protocols :
Wi-Fi 802.11g
Max. Wireless Data Rate :
54 Mbps


Rarkm "rarkm" 3.0
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This took me about 2 hours to set up, after about 20 attempts. The hardware works fine, but both the setup utility and the operating manual are poor and only handle connecting to simple networks. I have a non-standard (read: I didn't let Microsoft set up my network automatically) network and a Linksys Wireless G router, with 128 bit WEP (encryption) as well as MAC filtering set on. (My neighbor across the street also has a wireless network, which I didn't know until I started fooling around with ... this one.)In essence, if you use a router gateway to the net (which you absolutely should for its inherent hardware firewall capabilities) and you use wireless encryption (which you absolutely should to make it difficult for a techie neighbor from eavesdropping in on your network) you must set this device up manually. Not only that, but you have to set up your game machine network settings manually as well.First, routers usually also act as DHCP servers (meaning that... More >
Red Rhino 3.0
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Ok, several other people have left reviews here on troubles configuring this device and I ran into the same. After hours and hours of searching the web, I found a tip here and a tip there and eventually got it configured. Hopefully this will help someone who is having some trouble configuring this device.First I have the WGA54G v2, however, I believe these should help anyone who has v1 or the AG devices.1) Plug the adapter into your CPUs ethernet port with the RJ45 cable that comes with it and ... the other end into the game adapter.2) Since the game adapter will default to, you will need to configure your ethernet port to work with the above address. I set mine to Plug in the power for your game adapter and give it about 30 seconds to boot up and configure itself. Open your browser and go to (may want to run the setup on the CD first), but some people may be able to go directly to the game... More >
Jared Dove "Rico" 4.0
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I didn't read all of the reviews so some of this information is probably repeated. Although some people have not had any problems, I feel I should walk through a good method for setting up this device with most security features, i.e. WEP, disabled SSID broadcast, and MAC filtering. I also use DHCP, so I will talk about this as well.1) Log in to the web utility and perform all of the following manually (don't use the setup disk). If you are unable to log in to the web utility, this may be d ... ue to an issue which Linksys has conveniently left out of it's technical documentation. On some computers, you must set your IP address and Default Gateway for your wired adapter. IP: and Default Gateway: Now log in to the utility as suggested by Linksys2) As far as entering all of the necessary information, I recommend disabling the SSID and MAC filter (on your router) first. Go ahead and enter the WEP key and SSID into the WGA54G's web... More >